railing dreams meaning

To dream of a railing represents feelings of support and assistance. Knowing that you won’t lose or be embarrassed. Comfort in knowing that you are cared about or safe.

You may be feeling like you are barely hanging on right now, but this is a sign that you are going to be in a better direction. Understand that what you are going through right now is only temporary.

A woman dreamed of a railing in her house breaking as she held on to it. In waking life she had a few of her ribs broken when she was given the Heimlich maneuver while choking on a mint.

Standing or being held back by railing is a sign of more restrictions in your life. Consider what is holding you back from attaining your own dreams at this time.

If you are standing with many people behind a railing, then this can often be a sign of having others holding you back and can indicate friends or social life choices that are keeping you held back. Being in a car accident and hitting a railing is indicative of having bad influences around you as well and another reason that your dreams are not being recognized.

A man dreamed of standing on a second floor that had no railing. In waking life he was experiencing a work life transition that had no job security or insurance.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life…

Holding back or not reaching full potential.
Being cautious.
Having restrictions placed on you.
Being surrounded by bad influences.