ransom dreams meaning

To give ransom in your dream means that there is a person whom you try to make a hit with in order not to prevent you. You will try to deal with a job which you couldn’t solve by force.

If you are demanding a ransom from someone else then this demonstrates that you need to think about the invisible barriers that you have been putting up in your life so that you can face life again without fear.

The key meaning of this dream is very positive and a sum of money is soon on its way. This dream also suggests that you have a desire to control a personal situation in your life.

To dream that you are ransomed it means that you will be lucky through a surprise. If you offer a ransom it suggests that you might lose a lawsuit, but also that you will overcome your difficulties.

To take ransom in your dream indicates that a person who harmed you in the past will be in need of you.

If in your dream you must pay a ransom, and you need to escape the person asking for it, this means you will actually get rid of a situation in which you feel dependent on other people. The dream can also refer to your feeling that you are cheated by others.

If you are a woman and you dream of being asked for a ransom could be a bad sign, unless someone pays the ransom and releases you.

To dream that a person wants ransom from you refers to a person who will give a negative answer to you at last and keep you busy in vain, a deceiver trader who will claim that s/he will help you although s/he has no potential.