rape dreams meaning

To dream of rape represents negative life experiences that you are powerless to stop or control. Someone or something is effecting your self-esteem, well-being, or ability to do as you please. Feelings of victimization.

It’s normal to be freaked out by a dream of rape, but believe it, or not these kinds of dreams are more common than you might think.

The psyche often has to work on issues of power and control and when there is a situation in your waking world which needs immediate resolve.

Rape can appear in a range of guises in the dream. You may see the actual physical act of rape or witness rape. This means a lack of control and direction in life. If the rape in your dream is homosexual in nature then this is connected to feeling a loss of control with the actual masculine side of your persona.

If you encountered marital rape during the dream, and your husband and wife raped you then this indicates that you are losing control over a situation.

Any type of forcible rape carried out on yourself in a dream is associated with a lack of being in control, normally at work. If you don’t work it can mean that you lack control in a relationship or certain area of your life.

Sex in a dream represents the merging of different aspects of yourself to create life experiences. Rape is then a negative experience that you are unable to stop that’s filled with fear, stress, desire for things you can’t have, or other negative emotions.

Rape dreams may occur when are experiencing situations that are very frustrating, humiliating, scary, or leave you feeling powerless.

If you are seeking the morning after pill due to being raped then this is associated with releasing your psychic power in life. You are looking to fill your magnetic love power and you will become irresistible to a loved one.

If you are abducted or kidnapped or legally forced into rape, such as being raped during a war then this is deemed to be associated with understanding your inner desires.

If we look at the words abduct and also kidnapped it comes from Scandinavian and Latin words, for this to occur in the dream indicates a new phase of life. Oh and lastly, if trafficking and slavery, if featured in this dream, indicates a loss of control in waking life. Now, we will look at specific details of being raped in a dream as follows, so read on.

If you see someone raping another person it represents one aspect of your personality forcing itself on another to control your life experience. For example, if a killer raped your mother in a dream it may represent a powerful fear controlling your intuition so that you will never make choices that will help you to face you fear.

If you were actually raped in real life, it may be suggesting that you have unresolved issues with the event.

Some users have contacted me when they have had the dream of rape many times. But what does this mean? Dreaming of repetitive recurring dreams of rape is connected to feeling “violated” in waking life.

Are you feeling victimized? Any dream of sexual assault is connected to feeling vulnerable in waking life. There is a situation “out of control, ” and it is time for you to move on in life. You may be facing situations that are proving difficult. Don’t worry, with this comes the opportunity to correct things.

When you dream of being raped this is an open spiritual call that you are having control taken away from you and now is the time to fight back.

If you are dealing with a legal battle such as custody or divorce or feeling like you are being gravely taken advantage of then, this is not a time to try and play nice.

Remember, you should always look after number one! Now is the time to act and demand that your personal needs are met and that you will be given what you deserve. I am going to put it simply: this is a kind of dream indicates that you need to gain the control in the situation back before you are screwed.

Now, you may dream of actually liking the rape, when this happens it is normally associated with the “dead bedroom” syndrome in that you are feeling you are not getting enough sexual gratification.