rat dreams meaning

Rat often plays the bad role in daily life and implies something bad in dreams. The dream of rat suggests you will have trouble with a close friend or family member. In dreams, the rat also implies sex or enemy. For a housewife, the dream of rat suggests the difficulty in family life. For a doctor, however, the dream of rat may imply an infectious disease.

You need to make sure you are tolerant and understand what is happening in your life. This dream also shows how much someone you know can annoy others. The rat can also signify that friends close to you are your secret enemies. Here I have rounded up some popular “rat” dreams and what they mean. I’m Flo, so read on to find your dream. I have weaved some interesting facts about rats so you can understand a little more about this amazing rodent.

We normally have such a dream when we are afraid of rat’s themselves. Rats as an animal not only known as a pest in life but also are somewhat intelligent creatures.

The rat is associated with survival in all types of situations in waking life. They are connected to fear, but spiritually they are deeply meaningful creatures and somewhat misunderstood.

Dreaming about scaring or driving a mouse away suggests you will overcome difficulties or defeat the enemy.
If the rat escaped in your dream, it means you should consider whether your struggle is proper.
Dreaming about fighting with a rat suggests you may suffer from social barriers and have trouble in communicating with others.
Dreaming about a lot of rats or the place is infested with mice suggests you may encounter a series of failures or problems with sex.
Dreaming about a rat boring a hole in your room reminds you to be careful about a thief.
Dreaming about a rat on your clothes suggests you might be slandered by someone you trust. If the rat ran into your clothes, it means you may be involved in a scandal.
It could represent a fresh start is required or needed and it is time to let go now. A rat is often a negative omen when seen in dreams and can be associated with the need to push forward in life and move away from the “tried and tested” it can also represent someone will not be honest with you in life.
If we look back at the bubonic plague in Europe that killed over 50 million people, the rat was the host creature. This was due to the fact that they carried fleas which spread, from this alone the rats are connected with death in Western terms.
Surprisingly, in Asian culture, the rat is a fortunate omen in business affairs. They are great spirit guides when one needs to find a way out of a problem or issue.
 Maybe you are hiding behind something in life?  A rat can also warn you that you need to have more motivation in life – stop taking things for granted! Get your motivation back is the key message. In Hindu traditions, the rat is connected to “overcoming difficulties” due to the god Ganesh the rat was known as Mooshika.
Many people have argued that this creature was, in fact, a mouse rather than a rat. Ganesh is the god of removing roadblocks / obstacles and the focus is on intelligence and wisdom. Each Hindu god has a vehicle and his was the rat.