red-carpet dreams meaning

 Dreaming of being on the red carpet at an important event is connected to the dream symbol of recognition. It indicates a desire to be recognized for your qualities, skills and accomplishments. This always indicates a need for you to recognize your good qualities yourself.

The symbol of the red carpet adds to this symbol the factor of glamor. You wish not only to be recognized for your qualities, but also to feel physically beautiful as well.

Whether you are walking down a red carpet or standing on the side line amidst the paparazzi there is still a lot of action, attention, and anxiety.

If you feel that your life is not where it should be in the waking world or this dream seems odd to you then you want to consider what you do have in your life to be happy about or to celebrate.

When you dream that you are waiting to see a celebrity, or that you are taking pictures of famous people then you are still in the midst of the excitement. When you have dreams like these they are indications of working together with others to get your dreams fulfilled.


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