rejection dreams meaning

Rejection represents one of our greatest fears. Rejection is a very unpleasant situation any of us might experience, and usually causes disappointment and feelings of loss.

Rejection ruins our self-esteem and confidence and is a situation many people can handle with ease and acceptance.

When someone rejects us, we usually relate the rejection to the presumption that we have done something wrong, or that something is wrong with us. We feel very bad and that event usually shakes our feelings of self-worth.

Rejection surrounds us in life. Perhaps you had rejection at the altar, alternatively, you were rejected for job during your dream. In waking life we constantly deal with rejection, it can hang across us as a possible force of negativity. With every success, we have to encounter rejection.

Rejections are unpleasant events even if they happen in our dreams. When we dream about being rejected, these dreams might indicate some parts of our lives we want to distance ourselves from.

They could also indicate refusing to accept something although someone might be putting pressure on you to do that.

Often dreams of rejection indicate lack of self-esteem and confidence. They could also indicate being rejected by your community or your surrounding for some reason.

The good thing about dreaming about rejection is that it doesn’t have to be due to a negative situation in your waking life it is about facing fears. To make this dream meaning easier I have segmented each dream into sections and questions so just scroll down.

Nobody really knows why we dream and consequently why some dreams are remembered and others are not. Our dreams can be somewhat vivid and to dream of your boyfriend or partner rejecting you can increase tension and anxiety when you awake. I’m here to tell you this dream is simply a reflection of the worry to your feeling in the relationship.

Often these dreams indicate not having your own stand and opinion, and instead, agreeing with everyone.

Possibly this dream represents the voice of your subconscious, asking you to start working on building your confidence and attitude. It encourages you to stand up for your beliefs, no matter what other people think about that.

Therefore, the dream could not be significantly about your boyfriend or even girlfriend, it could just possibly be the fact that you are feeling that you need more acceptance, motivations, and thoughts about how you can overcome your goals. Often people report having re-occurring dreams of being rejected by their partner.

Maybe you like someone and you fear that person will reject your attempts to be with them. Maybe you subconsciously feel that you are not good or worthy enough and that you don’t deserve love and affection in your life.

If you realize you have such feelings and fears, it is wise to confront them as soon as possible.

In some cases, dreams about rejection reveal your feelings of being unappreciated and desire to be acknowledged and appreciated for something you did.

It was quite a powerful dream and it was around 10 years ago. It had such an impact on me that I still remember it to this day. Sometimes it is hard to understand if the dream that you are seeing in your sleep is actually a dream or perhaps a premonition of the future.

This was the thought that came to my mind after being rejected from my boyfriend during the dream. I’m here to say that I have carried out intensive research and found that it is just a symbol of anxiety nine times out of ten – so don’t worry.

If someone you consider important in your life rejected you in a dream, that dream often reveals your need and desire for their acceptance. It is possible that you fear their disapproval and rejection in some situations.

Dreams about rejection are often dreamed by people who are not confident about their abilities and are always worried about doing something wrong or making a mistake.

Sometimes this dream reveals your fear of being sexually rejected by someone. These dreams are often a reflection of your true fears of getting rejected by someone in reality.

If it is a project you are working on, then you will need to force yourself just to bring it to a conclusion. But if you think whatever it is, is not important in your life, then it will be wise if you stopped working on it and moved on to another project.

This dream often reveals your feelings of isolation from other people. Maybe you feel as if you are not accepted by the people from your surroundings, or that you somehow don’t belong there.

That can also refer to your closest friends and family members. The reason for that might be lack of self-esteem and appreciation of your abilities.

This dream often indicates feeling as being a failure in some situation. Maybe you are disappointed for not being able to accomplish something although you have tried hard to do that.

This dream often reveals your personal traits, as being a person who tries to please others and keeping your opinion to yourself. If you realize that fact about you, then consider this dream an encouragement to begin speaking your truth and openly express your personality.

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