Road dreams meaning

To see a road in a dream refers to fortune, chance, love, survive the hardship.

To dream that the road you see or you walk is very large and smooth indicates that you will open the doors of a happy and untroubled life by making the right decisions about your future.

Dreaming of a road or travelling on a road in a dream is a direct sign about what is going on in your life right now. The road needs to be reviewed. Was it windy? Was it straight? Was you driving along the road or walking? Think about the kind of road, as well as the direction you are going in your dream.

A road in ones dream has a direct correlation to how you are feeling in the waking world and can represent the different issues that we face in life.  There are many different dream meanings such as: To break down in a car on a road means that people are going to ask your advice. To go on a road vacation means that you are trying to escape from something in life.

Alley: lack of momentum – indicates a stagnation in your life. Especially if the alley is narrow or run down, this indicates that you are feeling unmotivated in your own life.
Bend in road: a sudden change is coming your way – be prepared. To see a bend ahead of you, or to park near a bend is an omen of great things to come.
Black road: this is an indication of tough time ahead – beware of potential pitfalls in finance as well. There is likely to be something on the road that you will hit when least expected. Black ice, skidding, or a pot hole is an especially bad omen.
Carpool Lane: an omen about marriage, coming together, and working with others. This is a positive omen for socialization and love.
Crossroad: a sign that change is coming, and that you are going to have to make a choice which usually requires a sacrifice of something in your life for the greater good.

your dream, it means that people who help you about your decisions which you can’t make alone will present you the truest choices.

To see a crooked, up and down road in your dream implies that your fortune will increase, your life standards enhance but you should keep some people sweet in order to protect these standards and spend time regularly for a job which you don’t like.

To see an earth road in a dream refers to abundant staff. If you see asphalt road in your dream, it refers to achievements which you will get in business or education life.

Road under construction: your life is under construction right now and this is a reminder to be gentle with yourself. Now is the time to allow for mistakes and understand that change is happening in your life and that it takes time.

Running into road: playing chicken in a road or running into a road is a sign of defying the odds. Now is the time to create your own life and go after what you want.
Accident on the road: to witness a car accident on a road means that you need more direction in life.

If you crossed a road, it represents a certain goal that you want to achieve in the near future. You’re ready to handle a bigger success and take your personal life or career to the next level. Dreaming of crossing a road also indicates danger. Be careful with your next steps. Look at the ground you’re walking from time to time. People don’t stumble on mountains, but little stones.

walked with someone down the street in your dream, it denotes your effort to help the person improve their life and upgrade it to the next level. There is a message hidden in this dream try to let others take care of their own business and you take care of your own. No one’s going to thank you for your help at the end, as you like to think.

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