Roller Coaster dreams meaning

Roller Coasters in dreams relate to the changes that you have in the dream or the emotions that you have while going through those changes. The feeling typically relate to a mixture of both fear and excitement at the same time.

How did you feel about the roller coaster? Was it big? Was you excited? Your feeling in the dream state will give you an idea of how to approach the problem.

For instance, say you don’t want to ride the roller coaster but you are too frightened then this can indicate that you will encounter a scary situation that will worry you in real life.

This is just a reflection of your feelings in the dream. To dream of enjoying the ride and having “fun” riding the roller coaster and having this excitement is also associated with how you will feel in life soon.

To interpret the roller coaster dream, try to correlate the direction of the roller coast with your waking life condition.

For example, a rising roller coaster may represent you trying hard to prepare for a major product launch.

. When you are sitting in the front of the roller coaster, then this is a sign of taking the challenges head-on and being in the excitement and submerging yourself.

If you linger in the back, are nervous or decide last minute that you are not going to ride, you want to consider how you can be more assertive in your own waking life and what you are avoiding. If we look at the ancient information the origin of a roller coaster indicates that this originated from ice slides found in St Petersburg.

The falling and dropping phase may relate to a slow down phase of your life, especially if you feel extreme fear in the dream.

Going through sharper turns on the roller coaster in the dream, and banging our head, suggest that your life is getting worse and you have major headache going through them.

These moods can generally affect our whole life, feelings, thinking and also our behavior later down the line – sometimes we are not even aware of our moods.  I’m not saying that you are depressed – however, dreaming of a roller coaster spinning out of control can indicate that external pressure might creep up on you.

Consequently, might just be that you are experiencing very minor batch of sadness at the moment. The great thing is that through these highs and lows of life that you can focus on moving forward.

Something might “click” in the future such as difficult event which may trigger something in your mind. If the rollercoaster had a bar that went down across your shoulders – alternatively a bar which kept you safe and this can mean in dreams that you will become more energetic in the future but feel restricted by something in life.

To dream a complete roller coaster ride with ups and downs, represents the ups and downs that you may experience with your life.

Yet another dream meaning of a roller coaster might be that the roller coaster is there to notify you of changes in your friendships or relationships. Have a partner that you have been on and off with, or a friend that has flaked on you too many times recently? Then this might be the reason that you are dreaming of roller coasters.

When you get stuck on a roller coaster in a dream this is a symbol of being or feeling stuck in your life. Just because you are stuck does not mean that you are here forever. The symbolism of being stuck on a roller coaster is a reminder that whatever negative circumstances you are experiencing are soon going to pass.

What does it mean to feel sick on a roller coaster? To feel sick from the ride – indicates that a situation in life will make you feel worried. Feeling sick in a dream can be caused by going upside down on the ride. To avoid the roller coaster ride could be related to the emotional and psychological worry that you may encounter going forward – especially if you see yourself going “down” in your dream.

What is a dream interpretation of a broken rollercoaster? To see a broken rollercoaster or that the ride has a fault, can suggest that you feel trapped in a difficult situation. We often read in the media that there are certain rollercoasters that have trapped people, they are upside down for over an hour – such as the Warner Bros movie world back in January 2017, why am I mentioning this? Because it is important to understand that you haven’t seen anything regarding rollercoaster is in the news.


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