Roof dreams meaning

Roof in dreams symbolizes some type of protection, shelter, or barrier between the consciousness and believes of the world. You are trying to hold up certain values and lifestyle with security and aspirations, regardless of how the world is affecting you on the outside. Depending on the condition, and your actions towards the roof in the dream, there might be different roof dream interpretations.

The roof symbolizes your own health and happiness as well as a more spiritual meaning reflecting on your subconscious understanding of your waking life. Often, when you are reflecting or focusing on a roof in a dream there is an issue going on in your life at present that needs to be resolved or actions that you are taking part in that are not serving your best interest.

Dream About Cleaning Roof
To dream about cleaning a roof, indicates that you are going over a self reflection period. You are trying to reorganize and reaffirm yourself after weathering the storms. You do not want your fatigue to affect your ability going forward.

The building of a roof or creating a new roof is a good sign for protection and longevity in your life. When you create a solid roof or complete a house by adding a roof this is a positive omen. You are in a time of your life where you understand your own needs and have a good balance. Even if you are feeling like there are things lacking in your waking life know that you are on the right path to attain your goals.

To dream about fixing or repairing roof in the dream, suggests that your goals and plans will be hindered in the near future. You cannot afford another complication or challenge, until you patch up the broken pieces. Your faith and believes will be challenged and the dream indicates that you will need to reinforce your ideas.

Fire can cause destruction to a building but when it comes through the roof of a building or has engulfed the roof of a building it is a good sign. We view fire as bad because it burns but it can also get rid of obstacles. A roof on fire is indicative of the negative or bad being burned out of your life or the ceiling being removed so that you can grow and manifest a new upward boundary in your life.

Dream About Climbing a Roof
The dream about climbing a roof, indicates that you have a strong desire to move forward or set higher goals and sights. However, you may have reached a certain limit out of your reach. You can only go so high with your current setup or foundation.

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