rooms dreams meaning

To dream of being inside a room you’ve never been in before represents the personal space and the boundaries you feel in a situation. What you feel you can or can’t do in life. Close walls may reflect a lack of choice or ability to act. Distant walls may reflect lots of free time and options.

If you encounter more than one room in your dream, then this suggests different stages of your life. A dream which involves many rooms of your house can indicate the importance of family beliefs and occasions.

Consider the type of room for additional meaning. Bedrooms are private thoughts, kitchens are preparation, bathroom are issues with cleansing, and living room are issues you feel satisfied with.

To dream of an empty room represents an area of your life where nothing is happening. If the room was previously filled with furniture or objects, but isn’t anymore it may reflect feelings of emptiness or having no purpose.

To dream of a white room represents feelings about yourself having to be perfectly honest in your life. A room with white walls may also reflect life situations where you are confronting a lot of negatively. A theme to your life that revolves around fixing problems you never got to fix before. Feeling that your entire life revolves around witnessing other people revealing their dishonest intentions to you over and over. A fear of not being perfectly honest at all times.

A room in your dream is the sign that you want to you have someone to guide you. If you dream of a room and you are unmarried, this is the sign of marriage, or at least of marriage plans ahead. A room seen in a dream portends construction plans. A beautiful and attractive room means quietness and well being.

To dream of a messy bedroom represents feelings about a private area of your life being disorganized, out of control, or more irresponsible than what you project in public.

If in your dream you see an uncomfortable room, this means fears and frustrations. A humid room refers to your fear of luck. If the room in your dream has no doors, this is the omen of a future without luck, and possible unhappiness. A room can also mean displeasure and poverty.


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