rooster dreams meaning

The dream of cock or rooster may be considered something of a wake-up call, telling you that you need to take action in some area of your life. It also suggests that you should be on the alert for some significant action to occur. Contrarily, the rooster dream can also warn against being “cocky.” Poultry, in general, represents extravagance and frivolous behavior when it shows up in a dream.

When you see a rooster in a dream is a sign that you need to face your own fears and do not back down. Usually rooster dreams are associated with warnings.

Roosters in dreams represent virility, of course, and continual vigilance. They also represent people who are very direct in their style of communication and very outspoken in their beliefs. The dream rooster is s symbol of dominance in some cases, as in “ruling the roost.

” It has much the same symbolism of chickens in general, but in a way that is more energetic and even aggressive in regard to life situations. A dream of a rooster could be telling you something about yourself or someone close to you who is very demanding and territorial.

Hearing a rooster in a dream is an indication that you need to wake up. You are fooling yourself in your waking life and trying to lie to yourself, but your psyche isn’t having it. Your subconscious knows that you are not being true in your waking world and sees the falsities that you are creating.

If you think that you have control over a situation, then you are probably wrong right now and in the long run you are going to be hurt or feel the force of the universe as it snaps you back to reality. This is a warning for you as well that a new dawn is coming and if you do not act fast that you are going to miss out on an opportunity.

If you dream of a crowing rooster, this represents some kind of warning. It is telling you to review your current circumstances and pay close attention to one particular situation in your life.

Dreams of hearing a rooster suggest that you are bragging or glorifying yourself in some way. To see two roosters fighting in a dream symbolizes a rivalry or a quarrel between you and someone you know.

The rooster is a sign of masculinity and fertility and often is represented in a dream as an unrequited love. If you are chasing after someone that shows only minimal interest, stop. This is also a time to question a new relationship. When you see a rooster in a dream, it can often indicate that (if you are female) that the man you are with is not who he seems or not the man for you.

In Native American symbolism, the cock (rooster) is a symbol of sexuality, resurrection, and watchfulness. While its chief symbolism involves fertility and sexuality, it is also considered a symbol of the sun because of its early rising each morning. This in turn is associated with resurrection. Native Americans considered the rooster to be an enemy of ghosts and evil spirits that haunt the night.



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