roots dreams meaning

Roots can also symbolize unconscious or mental energy in your life; as well roots are often used in grounding and relaxation exercises when you practice yoga or meditation. Seeing a tree and the roots and the entire body together will reflect a desire for family or familial connections as related to a family tree.

Roots، To dream of seeing roots represents ties, bonds, or history that is entrenched in your life. A history or past that you can’t easily separate yourself from. Long-term or family relationships. Some area of your life that is established. Confident stability.

Seeing roots in the ground is a good sign and indicates solid footing for you in your life. When you see the roots, know that there is a positive energy force in your life helping for things to settle down or fall into place. This is a time in your life that you need to consider what you truly want in your life and to be sure the roots that you are placing are where you want and what you want because the choices that you are currently making are long lasting ones that will not easily be broken if you change your mind.

Negatively, roots may reflect “deep rooted” or multi-faceted problems. A troubled history that is difficult to get away from. Relationships that are difficult to separate from. A history that is difficult to get away from.

To dream roots being cut or removed represents a fundamental aspect of your life no longer belonging anymore. Ties, bonds, or history that is no longer important. The removal of some area of your life that was entrenched. Moving on from you past or cutting off an old relationship.

Example: A woman dreamed of having roots pulled out of her ear. In waking life she was beginning to feel that her religion was no longer valid. The roots being pulled out of the ear reflected her religious roots being something she didn’t want to listen to anymore

Depending on the kind of tree that you see, the roots can mean different things. Make sure that if you can obviously tell what kind of tree it is that you also look up the specific meanings.

Having damage caused by roots – such as pipes breaking or causing a problem with your home in a dream indicates a fear of material loss. These dreams are also indicative of feeling trapped. Consider ways in which you can better protect yourself and more importantly, your material possessions or finances at this time. Now is not a time to be frivolous as there is likely going to be a hefty expenditure that is going to be coming your way that you need to be prepared for.


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