roses dreams meaning

Rose flowers in dreams signify faithfulness in love and coming of joy in certain parts of your life. Pay attention to the context of roses, their colors, aroma, and surrounding condition to get better interpretation of dream meanings.

Because of the many meanings of roses, the meaning in the dream depends on what you personally feel about the roses in your dream, and this dictates their meaning.

If you experience roses with a longing or sadness, this will indicate a loss in your life. Usually, this is not something coming your way, but something that you have already experienced. Fragrant roses that are given or seen with happiness of love, then there is usually a positive inclination but it can also be indicative to feeling loved or happy  in your waking life.

Dream About Rose Bush
A rose bush in the dream signifies prosperity. However, the prosperity will have its flaws and risks, tread carefully when it is time to harvest your rewards.

Dream About Rose Thorns
Dreaming about rose thorns or getting pricked by one, suggests that you are having difficulties or issues in your personal relationship. Perhaps you are not handling certain people with care and you are having hard time to overcome prickly situations that will hurt everyone.

A rose produces the strongest scent and often, because of their fragrance, they can also bring up a lot of past memories that are represented in dreams.

When you have dreams of roses you should not put too much stock in them as sometimes they are just dreams and the other details of the dream is what will dictate the true meaning. The rose or roses in a dream should be thought of as a compliment to a larger dream meaning.

Dream About Rose Garden
To dream of a blossoming rose garden, reflects that there are many potential relationship candidates. You dream of and desire love and relationship, however, you will need to choose someone soon among the potential bachelors.

Dream About Rose Buds
Rose buds in dream indicates starting stages of love and relationship. You will soon fall in love with someone if you are patient and know where to look.

Dream About Rose Plant Tree
To dream of a rose plant or rose tree only without flower, indicates that some happy event will change your life shortly. Spend more time and effort to improve yourself so that you will be ready for the positive change.

Dreams are always subjective but certain things in a dream will be subjective to more meanings than others. Carl Jung states that the rose is always a symbol of the entirety, the higher spiritual world order.

When you dream about a rose this usually represents love in some fashion but it can also represent fertility, admiration, and fidelity. The color of the rose also has a special meaning in your dreams. Red roses are most often for love and romance. Yellow roses can denote friendship or a life long non-romantic love. White roses symbolize both peace and death.

Go with your own instinct about the rose in your dream to determine the meaning. The rose is from age a symbol of the love, affection and the admiration, in particular the red rose.

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