Rotten Teeth dreams meaning

When teeth appear in our dreams they usually come across as either missing, falling, breaking, or even rotting.  These unsettling dreams usually have us horrified due to its vividness, and how real the dream felt. Teeth as a symbol might imply inner aspects of ourselves that we don’t recognize, possibly the ego is being provoked or challenged.

When you come across a dream concerning rotten teeth, it is often that something important to you will say goodbye for good. It can be a thing, a person, or even something concerning your career. It is a dream which represents loss or fear of losing something. These things are part of the cycle of life; we just need to embrace it and usually, there is little that can be done to avoid the loss.

Rotting teeth dreams could symbolize our anxieties and fears that we repressing deep down inside us.  How we feel on the inside might be now visible to others on the outside. Rotting shows others and ourselves the decay, decline and degeneration of our image.

What might be going on in your walking life has an impact on the meaning of this dream. If you are feeling unhealthy, bad talking or even insecure around others, dreams of rotting teeth seem suitable.  This also suggest a fear or becoming old or improper hygiene.  If you noticed yourslef looking directly in the mirror this related to repressed shadow archetype that has been ignored and now its being shown.

In dreams, our teeth represent our own identity and rotting teeth and decay can indicate that you need to take on more responsibility.

Are you willing to do so? In life, food choices have a direct impact on our teeth such as junk good. Tooth decay in dreams indicates our health and the longevity of how we can keep working at our goals. Here I am going to discuss this valuable dream and what it can mean to dream of tooth decay or fillings.

If someone is breaking your teeth it could donate to someone trying to ruin your personal image.  Unable to recognize the person suggests self destructive behavior and to watch what you say. You might be doing something that is not ethical, or being crooked.

Feeling empty: Rotten teeth are often associated with feeling empty and not understanding what is important. The rotten teeth dream is a sign that something from your past might prevent you from moving forward.

This is a positive dream (to some degree) because you’re going to be able to overcome some difficulties and problems. The teeth are connected to our sense of trust and power in our own ability.

As I have already mentioned the teeth represent our own health. If you don’t have a great diet then your body cannot repair itself. This is a message from above that you could be severely limited in terms of your health and well-being. Try to cut down processed sugar and flour products. Or foods that cause rotten teeth – for example that are overly acidic.

Oh… this old chestnut! It is quite common to see teeth falling out everywhere and of course: rotten in dreams. There is an old wives tale that loosing teeth can represent death – but I don’t really buy into this. Rotten teeth falling out in dreams indicates losing something important.

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