running dreams meaning

If you were running towards something positive- then you might be heading on the right track towards a specific goal in your waking life.

It could be symbolic of your ambition and your keenness to confront things head on- even more so if something is running towards you and you don’t turn around and flee.

Running towards someone or something, and not being able to catch the object, or reach the person, it indicates a fear of rejection and loss of that person. This dream is a common dream in small children, whose parents play a major role in their lives.

Think about what it was that you were heading towards- it might be telling you what you really want in life.

If you were running towards something negative- this could be a sign that you are being drawn back to bad things- habits, people or situations.

Running should be seen as an indication that fear and oppression are in your life, and that you are able to secure your life and your family, so do not worry! You need to make sure that you face up to matters both in your life and outside. Running away from something or being chased, indicates a subconscious suppression of a problem. You have been hiding thins under the carpet, and it is time that everything has to come out, to be able for you to address the issue, and move forward with your life.

If you were running away from something in your dream then you might be trying to avoid someone or something in your waking hours. You’re trying to put distance between you and something or a person that makes your feel uncomfortable.

It could also mean that you’re running away from your responsibilities or from something you think is dangerous. Are you confronting your fears? If not, it might be time to find the courage to do so in order to move on.

The dream that you are running away from an aggressive animal, whether wild or domestic means that you will get rid of a threat in your waking life. Running in a dream suggests that you will have to overcome obstacles in the future. If you are running barefoot, this omen is mishap.

Another interpretation is that you need to hurry up and make a decision if you have been dragging your feet.

Think about whether you were alone or with others. If you were alone- you might have the drive and the determination to accomplish something by yourself. You are comfortable with reaching your goal, even if it means rising above those around you by having more success, more money and more recognition.

If there were others running with you- then your success might be a result of a team effort.

Running in a dream refers to avoiding unpleasant situations, and that your failures will turn into successes. If you dream you are running away from your own shadow, this means you will not be able to avoid problems, especially if you ignore them. You will have to stop and try to solve them. Running from a killer or a thief in your dream portends that you will be able to solve some of your problems, but without getting into details.

Running from a wild animal, such as a beast, if you managed to escape it, means that you will solve a problem. If you do not manage to escape it, you will have to confront some issues that will not end well.


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