scar dreams meaning

Dreams about long scar on head is a dangerous warning signal suggesting irregular death is coming. Extra attention is required over health and safety.

Dreams about someone else’s scars suggest that the dreamers may be touched strongly recently by recalling the past painful experience.

Unmarried woman’s dreaming of other people’s long scar in the face expresses the dreamer’s cherishing of personal appearance and uncertainty about loving relationship.

Having a scar on your body means moral vices and suffering ahead. If you dream of a person with scars on his or her face, this means that you will have problems with your boss. To dream that you have scars indicates that you have to release your consciousness in regard to an unpleasant fact.

The scar means that your past still has a strong influence on your life at the moment. To dream of other people with scars indicates that you will have ups and downs in your current life.

To dream of scars on yourself is a sign that your conscience is telling you to stop doing a specific act that will make you feel ashamed. To dream of a scar left behind means that something happened in your past that you cannot leave behind and forget.

Sometimes the scars are left by the culture we live in and the splits it leaves between our life, economics, sex, religion and science. They are all at odds with each other and cause conflicts within us.

Josef Breuer stated that forgotten traumas, painful incidents that had left a psychological scar, were responsible for what was at that time called hysteria. It was, Breuer wrote, the undischarged emotional energy associated with these forgotten traumas that were the root cause of hysteria.

Using hypnotic techniques, Breuer helped some patients to re-enact, and thus recall, the original traumatic incident. In doing so the emotional charge was released.

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