scarecrow dreams meaning

Scarecrow – A scarecrow is a totem of death and fear, but it simultaneously holds the opposite symbolism of hope and prosperity.

The exact meaning of the dream symbol depends on whether you are the crow or the farmer, in the dream. Scarecrows are meant to frighten away crows from the crops, which is why they are often eerie and frightening. They are pseudo-human creations, which puts them in the same category as dolls.

End up being on your guard. The scarecrow represents the qualities of people that fail to make you happy and you usually reject these people. Its appearance in your dream is a demand to correct your negative judgment.

Dreaming of a scarecrow refers to an irrational fear of your unconscious, which makes you attracted to people with bad intentions. It is also common that a scarecrow in a dream means one is generating a mess in your life.

Seeing a scarecrow indicates a disliked, intrusive person, but also your cunningness. The scarecrow can also be an omen that sometime in the future you will discover nice qualities in a person you dislike right now.

They are symbols of death because they carry the reminder of the fear of starvation, if the crows eat the harvest. On the other hand, they are symbols of harvest and plenty.

The exact connotation of this symbol will depend on the other symbols surrounding this one, and the emotions you dream of experiencing in connection to it as well.

Dreaming of a scarecrow can portend an abusive and invasive admirer or a disgraceful person around you. It means that a specific person in your life may seem intolerable at the moment, but there is a good chance you will soon change your mind.


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