school-dinners dreams meaning

Dreaming of breakfast can represent your emotions and selfishness. Seeing yourself cooking breakfast means you need to consider others besides yourself. Eating breakfast is a prompt from your subconscious to remind you to take time out to think about your life and the future.

As food is associated with our nourishment, being back at school is connected to control. The control in the classroom and nourishment means that you will need to review how you control your eating habits in the future. There maybe a need for a diet or to eat more healthy.

Cooking breakfast in a frying pan indicates you need to have an open discussion with a family member. This person may be miserable in their current life situation. They may need your advice and support to help them sort out their future.

You may have been feeling that you have been focused on work for some time. If you are still attending school and you dream of school dinners then this is a positive omen. It is like the sea coming in and everything is going to hit you at once, in a positive way!

Eating porridge is a message that you have the ability to make your own decisions. No longer do you need to rely on the advice of others before you move forward.

Eating fruit indicates prosperity is on its way into your life sometime soon. Dreaming of eating a rotten breakfast or one that is out of date, is a warning things will soon get tough for you and your friends.

Being invited to lunch can signify you are about to come across some tough situations. You are likely to survive but will suffer some losses.

Eating lunch alone at home can mean you are going through some hard times. Eating an expensive lunch brings news of success and reaching your goals.

Dreaming of eating dinner can mean you are hungry either physically for food or for something you have a passion for. Eating dinner can also suggest you need sustenance. It can also mean you have isolated yourself socially. You may need to make more of an effort in your social life.

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