seagull dreams meaning

Seagull flies in with honesty to give you a different perspective on what worries you. Take a step back for an objective view to see things from a different perspective.

The solution is in how you see the situation. Be creative and remain above the dramas occurring around you. You are already well-equipped to deal with this situation. Recall lessons from the past to help find solutions to take you into the future.

The dominance in this dream is not only the bird but also the water, and therefore please also refer to the Aunty Flo interpretation of sea to gain a wider context for the dream’s true meaning.

Seagulls are normally known for stealing food from us, they grow to around 11.5 inches and some seagulls can reach around 30 inches. They have a long body and spiritually can indicate that a peaceful time will come after an attack.

An interesting characteristic of the seagull is that they are able to drink seawater, unlike other birds. This is because it has an area of its beak where it is able to remove salt.

Salt spiritually represents healing so dreaming of a seagull in water can indicate healing properties. I am also going to mention dreaming of the albatross as these look similar to seagulls. I will explain the difference below.

Seagull can also bring messages to declutter your life and get rid of what no longer serves a purpose. There is no point hanging onto things, including people, that you no longer need in your life. By hanging on to clutter there is no room for new opportunities to come into your life.

A large seagull is a sign of purposeful and free life. It could also symbolize a long-held dream coming true due to financial or business aspects of your life as well as a relaxation and pleasant impressions of a journey which will be fascinating.

If you are naturally creative and you dream about an albatross, it is a sign of an improvement in your imagination, your plans, and creative ideas. It could also be a symbol of tiredness and a desire to move away from many troubles and problems.

Dreaming of seagulls trying to fly portends a light illness ahead. Dreaming about seagulls flying indicates that you will get rid of some dangers and you will be all right. If you see a wounded seagull in your dream, this means that you might be sick sometimes soon, but everything will be all right. If you see a flock of seagulls, this foretells a courageous behavior.

Seagull reminds there are opportunities in everything that crosses your path. Even in the most unlikely things, places, and people.

You may feel as if you are stagnating, that nothing is happening or moving forward. There are hidden reasons for this. The universe will reveal these at the right time. Everything has its place in time. Stay positive. Stay in tune with your intuition. Everything will be revealed soon.

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