shaking dreams meaning

The push to grow is often thought to come from ambition or ones urge to succeed in life, but that growth is usually from our personality, but the major source of physical and psychological growth is from the process of life. People tend to think of life as an automatic and senseless process.

But human experience in personal growth points in another direction. The next example is from a man who had repressed hid sexual feelings for years because of a personal problem.

You maybe trying to rid yourself of old habits and you need to start a fresh life. For you to welcome the new order, you need to shake off the old order. It could also symbolize fear of a situation in waking life.

If you are a young woman and you dream of shaking someone’s hands, a person who is prominent, it denotes that, distinction and pleasure will surround you with unknown people. If you happen to avail yourself of the opportunity, you will be able to stand in high favor with friends.

If you dream that someone is shaking you, it can suggest that you are having feelings of confidence and the ability to be in control of a situation is becoming uncertain or unstable.

You have this feeling that, you might experience embarrassment or failure if you keep on controlling a situation in the current style. There could be new developments in your life which are making it hard for you to have the ability to control a situation and this is causing you anxiety that, someone else will take control of it from you.

You might have this feeling of being left out, abandoned, or unloved. You might also be facing the harsh reality of someone else’s jealousy towards you, thus feeling alone and left out.

You could also be enduring a situation where there is no help in sight or endure a difficult, unexpected reality which you would not have expected. You could be having a feeling that a situation is terribly or unfair.

If you happen to see other people shake in your dream could mean that you are allowing your ego or fear to prevent you from reaching out to others. You could be putting up with a lot more difficult that you should have to.

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