Simple smoothing hair tips using natural materials

Simple smoothing hair tips using natural materials

smoothing hair tips

smoothing hair tips

smoothing hair tips

We should all take care of our hair, to give it a special care and time to make it look good. many of us like to show their hair o smooth and silky ,You do not want to use hot tools or hair relaxer to smooth your hair looks and we of course, agree with your opinion, if it is used frequently, it actually will be harmful. Here are simple and natural ways to smooth your hair:

After bathing, just comb your hair by using a special brush, then leave to dry naturally on the air,  but complete with combing at every 5 minutes.
Fasten your hair down with 3 buns of hair and then grabbed and fasten it by using pin top of your head. You can also fasten your hair using or wearing a scarf. loose your hair after 3 hours.

Simple smoothing hair tips

And there , of course, some natural masks may help you to smooth you hair, but you should repeat the mask a few more times to get the result you want. and here is one of these natural masks that use natural elements.
Do this mask 3 times a week:
You need a glass of milk, a few drops of almond oil or coconut oil and one teaspoon of honey. Apply this mixture on your hair before taking a shower by an hour.
You will not, of course, get the result as that you get by using a hair styling tools, but with frequent use of these methods , you will get soft  and smooth hair.

Easy smoothing hair tips