Skin care

How to get bigger boobs without surgery?


bigger boobs without surgery The big, round, strong breasts are what many ladies want. For most men, the bigger boobs are a symbol of beauty, femininity. many women have small breasts, are afraid to undergo breast augmentation, or do not have enough money. So “What woman needs” offer you some ways to enlarge your breasts without surgery. Also see: 7 Tips ...

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5 Natural fruits oils increase your skin beauty and glowing


5 Natural fruits oils increase your skin beauty and glowing Many natural oils have amazing benefits for beauty, as they promote collagen production, increase skin glowing, maintain youth and keep away from the ghost of aging. Today we show you the most natural oils extracted from fruits and vegetables, which have beauty care characteristics that will make them accompany your ...

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Refresh your skin using Natural Mint facial recipes


Natural Mint facial recipes Mint oil revitalizes the skin by containing menthol and is useful for nourishing dry and oily skin. If you have acne, apply peppermint oil to the blisters and the affected area to reduce its size. Apply this mixture regularly as it prevents the appearance of acne, giving you a flawless skin. Also see: Top beauty care benefits ...

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What’ll happen if you Massage your face with olive oil?


Massage your face with olive oil “What woman needs” website offers you a list of the most important benefits of facial massage with olive oil so that you can enjoy pure, clear and shiny skin. Discover the most important uses of olive oil in this context. Also see: Hazelnut oil hides wrinkles & acne   What are the benefits of facial ...

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Prevent your eyes from fine lines


Prevent your eyes from fine lines The area surrounding the eyes is very sensitive so it is prone to early wrinkles and fine lines, especially if the woman does not notice this at a young age. In this article, you can see the most important ways to eliminate the early eye fine lines, which must be taken care to preserve ...

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Does your sleep affect on your skin?


your sleep affect on your skin Proper & enough sleep is always associated with healthy and glowing skin. But what if we do the opposite? The positions of our sleep can have an effect on our skin, acne and wrinkles. The way we sleep is reflected on our faces. learn more about the most important skin problems that can be ...

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Top Easy Combination skin natural masks

Crazy girls with facial mask lying bed

Combination skin natural masks Combination skin requires more care than other skin types. If you want to take care of your combination skin and give it a new glow, here are natural mixtures tried by a large number of women and proved their effectiveness, noting that they are not medical mixtures: Also see: The best homemade masks of the combination skin ...

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3 Easy and effective Oily skin masks


Oily skin masks Oily-skin women suffer from the great problems that harm their beauty. In this context, “What woman needs” site offers you some easy-to-prepare masks at home and natural ingredients to get a greasy skin mask that will benefit you in the long run to maintain the beauty and glowing of your skin. Vinegar mask for oily skin This ...

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Turmeric and Vaseline even your skin tone


Turmeric and Vaseline even your skin tone Why do women resort to turmeric and Vaseline recipe? What are the most prominent beauty benefits? And how can it contribute to the improvement and beautification of the skin? Here is the way to prepare the mixture of turmeric and Vaseline and highlight the benefits it provides for the skin. Turmeric and Vaseline ...

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lips oil moisturize your lips deeply


lips oil moisturize your lips deeply  Are you feeling tired of the bad appearance of chapped lips or dry ones? then you have first to give your lips a break, not long, in order to take care of it and lend them the appropriate treatment, you may try many and many natural treatment to treat and heal the chapped lips, ...

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