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4 foundation cream mistakes you should avoid


4 foundation cream mistakes you should avoid The basic of applying your make-up, appearing with a view free from defects, lies in the attention with applying the foundation cream on proper and correct manner, to get an attractive view you like it. To avoid taking the full of defects appearance , it may lead to the corruption of your  entire makeup and appearance, you should get ...

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The latest Spring – summer make-up trends 2016


The latest Spring – summer make-up trends  2016 There are no clear lines in the world of fashion or make-up for this year, everything is appropriate and permitted. Strange trends appeared on platforms show, beauty experts advise you to experience , as they are the most important this year. make-up trends  2016  Auburn lips: Lighter than brown, but darker than the natural ...

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Common Mistakes in makeup you may make


Common Mistakes in makeup you may make Many of us fall into some common mistakes in applying their makeup, what are these errors and how to avoid them? Common Mistakes in makeup First error: lining the lips in black some woman believe – especially with brown skin- that the black color is the most appropriate colors to line the lips together, but vice ...

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Famous celebrity Beauty experts Tips for best bride makeup


Famous celebrity Beauty experts Tips for best bride makeup Like any bride, Sofia Vergara asked her close friend to help her  for the best view and look on her wedding day,  her close friend is an expert make-up of seven years, Kayleen McAdams, who know for her super natural makeup. And we are going to know the tips of Sofia Vergara and the beauty expert Kayleen ...

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Simple Tricks for successful & ideal makeup


Simple Tricks for successful & ideal makeup Applying make-up is of the difficult tasks, many years are needed to understand its techniques. Once the women think that she has mastered it,  new patterns and models show and requires entirely different skills. But fortunately here are some techniques and tricks that can be adopted  that are in line with all the new fashions. Tricks for ...

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Applying the foundation cream steps using make-up sponge


Applying the foundation cream steps using make-up sponge Make-up sponge give you a great  and perfect skin, and revolutionize the way your applying your make-up. But you must follow some simple tips to apply the foundation cream using this magic sponge correctly. make-up sponge Make-up sponge has become from basic cosmetics. They help to put the liquid and cream compact foundation cream. Moreover, ...

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