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Top food for clean and healthy arteries

Clogged Artery with platelets and cholesterol plaque

Top food for clean and healthy arteries Everyone is trying to avoid heart diseases as much as possible because of its negative impact on human health, but many do not know that cleaning the arteries from the accumulation of harmful substances is so essential to avoid these diseases. While many seek to avoid taking drugs and resorting to the natural ...

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Top Brain food makes your kids focus more and more


Brain food makes your kids focus All mothers seek to support their children with the best possible during studying and take care of them, from providing the necessary atmosphere for studying and getting enough sleep as well as following them while studying and preparing food and drinks for them. Here, however, we will provide a number of foods that increase ...

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Top Anti-aging food for supple skin


Anti-aging food Beauty is linked with following a healthy diet, as all you eat affect on the health of your skin positively or negatively. Besides using collagen-rich skin care creams , there are some kinds of foods the woman should into her diet who does not want get an old skin or wrinkles, These food are capable to fight wrinkles. ...

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Eat these Healthy Fruits during your pregnancy


Healthy Fruits during your pregnancy The fruits are of dietary necessities during pregnancy because it nourishes the child and mother at the same time and today we’ll talk about the beneficial fruits during pregnancy. Also see:The benefits of organic foods on pregnancy   Avocados Avocado is of the Integrated Food and richest fruits of folic acid which is essential for ...

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5 Simple daily steps for Vagina lovely smell


5 Simple daily steps for Vagina lovely smell Every woman must be careful to clean Vagina areas in her body, especially the genital area, because the sensitive region is affected by the type of food you eat as eating salt and fries frequently will be affected negatively on this area, In this article, “What woman needs” present you daily steps ...

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4 Super foods for Sexual relationship


4 Super foods for Sexual relationship Some types of foods have miraculous effects and are able to strengthen the sexual relationship between husband and wife, Know on them in the following: Also see:Top Ginger benefits for sexual problems Chili It works on blood pumping from the heart, sweating and blood flow to the genitals,and the chili are also among the 55 ...

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Top 5 food control the blood sugar for Diabetes


5 food control the blood sugar Some kinds of food have the ability to inhibit the absorption of sugar by the body in large quantities, and are therefore very useful for patients with diabetes and for those who follow diets. Know on them in the following list: Also see: Best Diabetes foods regulate the level of blood sugar Garlic: add a ...

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Top healthy Monounsaturated fatty acid foods


Monounsaturated fatty acid foods The food rich in monounsaturated fatty acids is supplying the body beneficial nutrients, including: Also see: 5 Fat-burning Supplements you should add into your diet Oils, such as safflower oil, canola, soy, linseed, sunflower, olive, peanut. The flax seeds and nuts oils (walnuts), are rich sources of acid of the “Alpha-linolenic acid,” which the body convert it to ...

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Top Potassium-rich foods you should add into your diet


Potassium-rich foods Get to know the most important foods rich in potassium more than bananas and dates to the most important sources of potassium to learn about other options: Also see: Top foods for potassium deficiency in children Spinach: Try eating it in other ways, you can eat it green in a salad or in a sandwich with dry meat, there are ...

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Lose your weight while you’re eating


Lose your weight while you’re eating Lose your weight while you’re eating  Losing weight while you’re eating is really a tough equation, but it’s true, that make you lose & cut your appetite while you’re eating, therefore you will not consume largest calories, will not gain excess weight and lose fat, Here is a list of these kinds of food: ...

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