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5 Effective Ways lose weight quickly


5 Effective Ways lose weight quickly Obesity is one of the concerns of women in our time, and it is not only an aesthetic problem, but a health problem as well as it has negative effects on the psychology of women, so we recognize that she quickly resort to more than one way to achieve its goal of enjoying the ...

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Burn fats as possible as you can


Burn fats as possible as you can Every person is planning to get rid of the accumulated fats in the body need to recognize steps to speed up the process of burning in the body, which is one of the first things that must be done to get the positive results of diets. If you are looking for this, just ...

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Ice cream diet plan for losing weight


Ice cream diet plan Every woman dreams of getting a curvy and healthy figure. So, try to follow all dieting systems and plans that do not cause boredom and hunger to lose weight. One of the new diets is the ice cream diet, which depends on the intake of sugars in certain proportions. Also see: Does ice cream diet lose weight? ...

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Can Relaxing on hot bath lose more weight?


Relaxing on hot bath lose more weight Dr. Steve Faulkner, at Loughborough University, said that relaxing into hot water has similar benefits as exercise, because it also treats type 2 diabetes. The latter is due to the body’s resistance to insulin or lack of production in sufficient quantities, which increases the rates of obesity. He explained that the hot bath ...

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Do men burn calories faster than women?

men and women exercise

Do men burn calories faster than women? It is common knowledge that men have a greater potential to burn fat than women, and many do not know why this happens. Today, “What woman needs” provides you what you need to know about the difference in metabolism between men and women, and each body’ way to burn fat. Also see: Try Dr ...

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All you need to know about Body Code diet


Body Code diet Each diet or lifestyle or exercise program may not suit all groups, people differ in the degree of metabolism or burn calories, so classified people into two types, namely Who have strong muscle structure who require a few protein diet based on eating vegan foods, and have to do more physical activity, or those with weaker muscle ...

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Do you Know The best time for having lunch to lose weight?


The best time for having lunch Family matters or work may makes you so busy and you haven’t yet lunch meal. If you’re trying to lose weight, I advise you to continue reading, since the timing of eating main meals play a key role in burning fat and calories.   Studies have shown that eating lunch main meal during the ...

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Best Diet tips burn calories quickly


Best Diet tips burn calories quickly Diet tips burn calories quickly  Weight gain depends on the amount of calories that enter your body and how much you can burn them. Even you can increase your body’s ability to burn calories, We present you these three healthy tips that will help you: 1. Drinking coffee: Caffeine helps the body to burn, ...

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5/2 Diet: Five days rest and two days diet


5/2 Diet: Five days rest and two days diet 5/2 Diet distinguishes that it is valid for everyday life, in the sense that it does not impede the work or study, as it does not cause depression for those who adhered to it contrary from some other, more stringent diets. Diet (5/2) is from the most comfortable diets, based on ...

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6 Magical ways burn more calories on your home


6 Magical ways burn more calories on your home Your daily tasks and household chores, in particular, may prevent you to identify certain schedule for exercise in a sports club, which increases the weight and affects your fitness, but with following a simple routine, you can get rid of the excess calories through six magical and simple ways , Add them ...

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