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Top Popular hair color 2017


Popular hair color 2017 Some women seek to master the way they dye hair themselves, and in the following article, we offer you the most important steps to get easily dyed hair at home. To be able to rely on yourself in this regard, just look at the following lines that explain the way you dye hair, as well as ...

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6 Steps to get better hairstyle


6 Steps to get better hairstyle What is your favorites hairstyle ? What are the steps that convert your normal hair to worthy of admiration hair? Here are some tips brought to you by hairdressers for you to get a beautiful hairstyle : Steps to get better hairstyle  Cut your hair and dye it in a manner fit the shape ...

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Coffee dye to hide gray hair and prevent hair loss


Coffee dye to hide gray hair and prevent hair loss Many women resort to dye their hair to hide white hair, but if you want to restore your natural hair color and keep it, there is a natural and very effective component can help you on this task without harming your hair through applying coffee hair dye. Coffee dye to hide gray ...

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Top 5 tips for Dying hair at home


Top 5 tips for Dying hair at home  The appropriate color for your hair is which stands out the beauty and smoothness of the skin and  your eyes glowing as well as to show the shape of facial features on a beautiful proportioned way. Dying hair at home  For those who have dark skin, can apply the light dye colors as dark chestnut, medium and ...

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