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All you need to know About Hair Protein


Hair Protein As we need to add protein into our daily diet, to feel healthy and strong, so we need protein in our hair daily routine. But what is protein, what does it do and how does it benefit our hair? What are the risks of hair protein? The hair consists mainly of protein filaments, called keratin, and chains of ...

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Activated Charcoal Uses for oily hair


Activated Charcoal Uses for oily hair If you have light or Oily hair as well as a dandruff that fills your scalp, this article will definitely will help with these problems. Why? Because we will tell you today the importance of Activated charcoal on hair. Yes, as you read, this natural component does not only have benefits for the skin, ...

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Top Ideas of Braided Chignon Hairstyle


Braided Chignon Hairstyle Every woman dreams of enjoying healthy, clean hair, not suffering from dandruff and drought. So, they resort to the products in the market to treat it, but the latter contains a lot of chemicals. So, “What woman needs” offers you Braided Chignon Hairstyle as well as effective natural oils for healthy hair. Also see:  Stylish ways of floral ...

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Natural Homemade recipes for soft & silk hair


Homemade recipes for soft & silk hair Over time, chemical hair creams may cause hair damage and permanent damage to its follicles. It is indispensable, if you want a smooth and silk hair. In order to achieve a smooth and healthy hair equation at the same time, we present to you natural recipes characterized by its ability to soften hair, ...

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Natural Homemade hair cream bath for tired hair


Natural Homemade hair cream bath “What woman needs” will provide you with an easy way of making a natural hair cream at home, restore life to your hair, strengthen and give it the appropriate nutrition. Mix all these ingredients until become a creamy mixture, Put the mixture on your hair to cover from the roots and even hair tufts, and ...

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Natural recipes of lemon for strong and healthy hair!


lemon for strong and healthy hair Lemon belongs to the acid species of plant, this fruit comes in yellow or green color, lemon is characterized by sour acid taste and is rich in many vitamins useful to the body, such as vitamin C and vitamin B in addition to mineral salts, and other nutrients. Lemon is a basic ingredient in ...

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Make your hair color stay longer

Make your hair color stay longer Do you dream of a fixed color that stay longer after dying? Are you frustrated of repeating this process, after every time you dye your hair? You must first know that this is due to the wrong way you deal with your dyed hair. The wrong habits you follow are the cause of this, ...

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Effective Tips To Wash Your Hair the right way


Wash Your Hair the right way Do you wash your hair on the right way? Discover these effective and simple tips to avoid damage your hair. Before putting the shampoo, moisten your hair well with hot water that opens the hair particles and helps remove the dirt. This water also contributes to melting of oil on the scalp and thus ...

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Countless Benefits of peanut oil for hair and health


Benefits of peanut oil for hair Have you ever heard of the benefits of peanut oil for hair? Today we will introduce you through this article the benefits and the best use of it on your hair.   If you suffer from problems in the scalp, then, peanut oil will contribute to rid you of them and the problems that ...

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Tips to Prepare your hair for hot summer


Prepare your hair for hot summer With the transition from one season to another, and with the change of temperature, our hair tends to suffer a little if not treated in the right way and did not change our habits of care. As our skin, our hair suffer from harmful sun rays that weaken its structure and cause it to ...

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