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Can Vitamin D supplement help lose weight?

Vitamin D supplement help lose weight Although many studies have shown that vitamin D is directly linked to reducing the risk of breast cancer and protects against sudden death of the heart attack, many people do not know that this type of vitamin goes beyond these benefits far that to get rid of accumulated fat in the body, and thus ...

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Vitamin D speeds up burning fat and lose weight

Vitamin D speeds up burning fat and lose weight Unlike many of the vitamins, the body can produce vitamin D every time it exposes to sunlight. It is essential for healthy bones, muscles and strengthens the immune system as well as protecting against disease, but its benefits do not stop here. Vitamin D accelerates fat burning in the body, so ...

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When should you provide your child with vitamin D?

When should you provide your child with vitamin D? Children who suffer from a lack of vitamin D face the risk of getting rickets , a disease that hinders the growth of public growth , especially the bones growth. But, Is it necessary to get it to the child through a medical Dietary supplement, or are there natural sources to give ...

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