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Learn top Wedding Etiquette secrets


Wedding Etiquette secrets Once the summer weather rises, invitations to attend weddings will be flooded. Summer is the most appropriate season to celebrate marriage. Once you receive a similar invitation, you will automatically think about your best outfit, looks and other elements that give you an integrated look of elegance, beauty and presence. But what about the etiquette rules you ...

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Tips on Setting the perfect wedding date


Setting the perfect wedding date Before you start preparing wedding stuff, Bride has to set a wedding date with her partner. Picking of the right wedding day date is one of the most important decisions taken by the two partners, as this night will not be repeated.so we offer you and every future bride certain rules that you must be ...

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Latest Wedding Themes ideas 2017


Wedding Themes ideas 2017 Every woman dreams of her wedding ceremony to be perfect, she thinks about the smallest details, from the wedding dress to the location until the first dance song. There is no doubt that the preparations for the wedding requires a lot of time and planning, As every wedding has its own theme and specific identity reflect ...

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Lovely Wavy hairstyles for wedding 2017


Wavy hairstyles for wedding 2017  This season, you can leave you hair on its nature as it’s this new season trendies relating to hairstyles. You have to accept it, You must love your hair on its drop-down nature and love its chaotic tufts. Also see: Beautiful wedding Hairstyles with floral crowns This is your wedding day, and you want to appear ...

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Top tips to keep calm down before your wedding


keep calm down before your wedding It is natural matter that you feel the tension and stress before the wedding, because of the fear of getting something wrong and you want everything to be perfect, and expectations about the reaction of the people, and the constant thinking about moving to a new house and new life at a whole, and ...

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Why you should marry a man shorter than you?


Why you should marry a man shorter than you? marry a man shorter than you  Some women may reject the idea of marriage to a short man, as masculinity and strength of man character for them are linked indirectly of his stature and length. However, this is not true at all, masculinity is not stop at this point and there ...

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The most beautiful Bridal braids hairstyles this season


The most beautiful Bridal braids hairstyles this season The white outfit in your wedding day is nearing of completion, You have chosen the wedding dress, shoes, accessories, you just need to pick hairstyle that will make you a bride of dreams. Of course, everyone will show his opinion, between the traditional and the contemporary, classic or modern, you may feel ...

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Six tips for lovely wedding photos


Six tips for lovely wedding photos Photos of the bride is the most important final steps that reflect her beauty and femininity in the wedding night, that commemorating this occasion. But sometimes, you may look full in these pictures, what make you feel frustrating. But do not worry, as you can, to some extent, get the most lovely wedding pictures ...

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5 Top tips before buying your wedding dress


5 Top tips before buying your wedding dress White dress is every woman’ dream, eagerly waiting for it with a passion to be the most beautiful women in the world on her great day. She begins a journey to find a design that will highlight her charms on her wedding day, In most cases, she finds some difficult to choose the ...

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