Tips on keeping the nail beauty with age

Tips on keeping  the nail  beauty with age
The nail appearance reflect the extend of the women’s health, but with the passage of age, it may appear some cracks on the nail, which are a common sign which reflects the natural aging progress of the skin, while women become older and older in the age, the nail growth rate is decreased and change their appearance. as nails tend to become yellow or having a lackluster color , as  you can notice that when your nails become more brittle and thinner, you can notice that your toenails tend to be thicker and stiffer.

keeping  the nail  beauty

keeping the nail beauty

keeping  the nail  beauty 

Tips for best nail care with age:
Avoid bathing for a long time hot water, which may affect negatively on the health of your nails. so you must moisten your hands frequently, if you are one of those who wash their hands  frequently. Apply a good moisturizer cream on your hands and nails many times a day and especially before going to sleep.

Avoid exposure to cold and dry weather for a long time, with wearing  suitable gloves when you go out of the house. on the other hand, you need to apply a protective cream from the sun on your hand, to prevent exposure to burns.

Avoid the excessive use of cosmetics nail polish remover, making sure they do not contain acetone or any other chemical materials that may harm your hands and nails.

keeping  the nail  beauty

You need to wear gloves while doing your domestic chores such as cleaning and washing dishes. as theses may harm and destroy your nails’ health.

Finally, you need to moisten your nails before filing them and  after bathing. and of course, Do not bite your nails or cut the skin appendages surrounding area.

keeping  the nail  beauty