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Top 7 bad foods for your diet

Top 7 bad foods for your diet
Are you trying your best to avoid the delicacies food which have poor health benefits and rich in calories, and unsuitable for your diet? From this standpoint, Nutritionist “Crystal Pedrosaan” shed  light on 8 kinds of favorite foods that you should avoid in order to maintain or lose weight, especially when you are following a diet:

 bad foods for your diet
bad foods for your diet

bad foods for your diet

1. “Ice Cream”: Do you like it, especially on hot days! Note that a vanilla flavor cup contains 230 calories, so it is necessary to choose Ice Cream with little fat to delete half the amount of calories compared to the consumption of normal Ice Cream.

2. Potatoes chips: 30 grams of potatoes chips are containing 130 calories, at least. Note that a small packet is not sufficient for many people, who are dealing with the largest amounts of potato chips, and dip them in the ready-made sauce.

3. Chocolate: female appetite is significantly rise on seeing or eating chocolate! It is true that chocolate is rich with “magnesium”, and also promotes the happiness hormone “serotonin,” but it will add us more calories. Therefore, it is preferable only to eat a small cub of dark chocolate.

4. popcorn: you can’t eat a bit amount of it, especially while watching movies, what earns us from 400 to 1200 calories without attention! So, try eating homemade prepared popcorn, a small cup of it is very enough.

bad foods for your diet

5. Donuts is considered of the worst food during the diet, as a piece of it can provide us with 500 calories, and more! So, it’s  preferred to replace it with the “Beagle” made from whole grains with peanut butter.

6. pizza: It is true that the pizza is rich with protein because of its fiber components of cheese and vegetables, but a piece of which contains 280 calories. So, you must eat thin pizza of vegetable flavor, without any cheese.

7. Pasta: you must stay away from eating it, especially those prepared with white sauce, they provide us between 800 to 1200 calories. Generally, preferably eating pasta with whole grain  and vegetables sauce , for example, tomatoes  sauce.

bad foods for your diet

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