2 Natural safe ways for Vaginal tightening

2 Natural safe ways for Vaginal tightening
Repeated childbearing lead to the expansion of the walls of the vaginal muscles until it becomes wider, which loses its sense of sexual pleasure during intimacy on both parties, and feel so much apathy and aversion of the sexual relationship which affects the sexual life completely, for that a lot of women try to solve that problem and tighten the vagina area after childbirth to enjoy sexual life again.

Natural safe ways for Vaginal tightening
Natural safe ways for Vaginal tightening

Natural safe ways for Vaginal tightening 

Try pomegranate peels to tighten the vaginal
This mix depends on the pomegranate peels that have proven its effectiveness in solving this problem for many years. Drain some pomegranate peels, then grind well and put them in a pan of water over medium heat , leave for 15 minutes to boil, you will notice change the color of the water to become dark brown, put the pot away from the heat and leave to cool completely, then put on a clean sealed bottle and use this mixture as a vaginal douche, as recommended for use only in sexual intercourse, spray this mixture on the vagina before sex by quarter of an hour, keep the mixture in the refrigerator and use three times a week at least and you will notice results quickly.

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Natural safe ways for Vaginal tightening 

Alum Mixture to tighten the vaginal
 The stones of alum are known by its high ability in the treatment of a lot of problems , as they play an active role in tighten the vaginal and can be used without worry , they are completely safe and do not cause harmful side effects.

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To prepare this mixture , you need to grind appropriate amount of alum and dissolved in a small amount of water until completely dissolved , then used this solution as a vaginal lotion, and recommended for use before sexual intercourse directly because it works to tighten the vagina quickly and without damage to it , as the alums have antiseptic properties make it works to cleanse the vagina as effectively as they are tighten muscles of the uterus effectively.

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Natural safe ways for Vaginal tightening 

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