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3 Effective compounds burn belly fats

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Effective compounds burn belly fats

The belly fat is a common problem by most people, as fat accumulate in this region, and often can not be solved by the diet. However, some compounds have an effect in combating the mentioned problem, according to nutrition specialists, namely:

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1. Polyphenols: It’s antioxidants and available in a range of foods, including tea, coffee, vegetables and chocolates. The researchers noted that resveratrol, one of the strongest “polyphenols”, had a positive effect on activity and is available in red grape and berries, They noted that resveratrol reduced the development of fat cells and tissues in mice, Therefore, individuals with difficulty in weight loss should have supplementing of resveratrol to reduce inflammation and induce weight loss, or increase the intake of foods rich in resveratrol.

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2. Nutcatone: The compound is available in grapefruit. A group of researches have shown its role in increasing the burning of fat and calories, as well as reduce the accumulation of fat in the stomach. Therefore, Take grapefruit as a snack, add slices of fruit to spinach salad, or drink grapefruit juice to boost your immunity.

Effective compounds burn belly fats

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3. Capsicine: It is available in Cayenne pepper, promotes the burning of calories. A study published in the British Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that when one consumes Capsicine to maintain weight, it helps in fat oxidation (fat cracking). Therefore, “What woman needs” calls for the addition of pepper to the recipes, such as: chicken , to burn fat effectively, and purify the body of toxins.

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Effective compounds burn belly fats

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