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An amazing workout to burn fat at home

An amazing workout to burn fat at home
We know that there are many types of exercise that will help you burn fat in different parts of your body. But some of them may cause you feel very tired , which lead to not practicing these exercises. So, we chose you the exercise of the stairs which you can do at home, which helps to burn fat . Are you ready to apply?

workout to burn fat at home
workout to burn fat at home

workout to burn fat at home 

To apply this burning fat exercise, you do not need any equipment. it’s enough to show your enthusiasm to do that with some warm-up movements. To this, follow these helpful instructions:

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– Jump as you are standing in your place for about 5 minutes.
– Do light jogging without leaving your place for 5 minutes at least, between now and then, bend or stretch forward or take squatting position before jogging again.
-Move your arms and your feet in different ways, draw a circle by pelvis area, lift your knees and then lower for several times. You can also stretch your hips and lower part of your body .


workout to burn fat at home 

To Apply this burning fat exercise in your home, after the end of the warm-up period, follow these steps:
– Go up the stairs with a length of about 100 meters. Do it with your full speed.
– Get off at a rapid pace.
– Repeat the previous two processes at least 5 times in case the stairs are high. Or, it is best to going up and off exercise 10 to 15 times.

Important Note: You may feel tired when you get the second set of this exercise. Therefore, it is necessary not to repeat it many times. You can add a new group each time to get desired final, which is 5 or 10 times depending on the length of the stairs. So this exercise, with the passage of time, can boost your metabolism and rid your body of accumulated fat in it.

– Practice the exercises of stretching, Don’t neglect, because it is very necessary to maintain the flexibility of your muscles.
– You can Apply this exercise several times during a week, noting that it also helps you to get rid of cellulite and keep up on muscle and fitness on the rear and thighs area .

workout to burn fat at home 

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