Effective Tips Manage Pregnancy Nausea

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Tips Manage Pregnancy Nausea

Nausea is one of the most common signs of pregnancy, as 80% of pregnant women experience gestational nausea during the first three months. It is called “morning sickness” as it is at its peak, but you may feel of at many times at the day.

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Causes of nausea
The feeling of nausea indicates that the pregnancy hormones are high enough to maintain the pregnancy. Women who suffer from pregnancy sickness are less likely to have an abortion than those who do not. A specific cause of gestational nausea is not yet known, but it is thought to be linked to pregnancy hormones and estrogen. Thyroid hormone also plays a role.

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How to manage pregnancy nausea
There are many steps can be followed and help women to cope with pregnancy nausea, which usually begins around the sixth week of pregnancy and improves between the weeks 14 and 16 of pregnancy. In some women nausea stay until the 20th week of pregnancy, or even throughout your pregnancy. These tips may help you:
– Eat balanced meals and if nausea was strong do not force yourself to eat.
– Eating breakfast in bed before to improves your position a lot and reduces the feeling of nausea throughout the day. Walking on an empty stomach can stimulate nausea and vomiting.
– Eat salty foods because they help to curb the feeling of nausea, and they hold a little water in the body, which keeps the body moist. Do not overuse the salts because they may cause health problems for pregnant women such as high blood pressure.

Tips Manage Pregnancy Nausea

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– Take vitamins of pregnancy before going to sleep, in many cases these vitamins are the cause of nausea. It is advised to take it before bedtime to relieve its effect during the daytime.
– Being busy as talking while eating distracts pregnant women from feeling nauseous.
Eat plenty of protein like eggs with a glass of lemon juice.
– Have chicken soup, it helps to overcome the feeling of nausea or desire to vomit.

Tips Manage Pregnancy Nausea

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