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Follow the new Celebrity diet to lose 4 kg in only 4 days

Follow the new Celebrity diet to lose 4 kg in only 4 days 
As celebrities are human beings like us, and thus they surrender to the temptation to overindulge to eat. Some celebrity have secrets of their own to lose weight after overeating. We will give you two examples of the diet followed by some actresses to lose weight quickly.

Celebrity diet
Celebrity diet

Celebrity diet

First diet 
Thanks to this diet, you are going to lose  approximately 4 kg during the four days.
First day: Do not eat only full rice and tomatoes juice – they can be eaten in unlimited quantities at any time.
Second day : Eat only fat-free yogurt and cottage cheese – also unlimited quantities at any time.
Third day : Eat an unlimited amount of white meat such as turkey or chicken without the skin. Drink sugar-free green tea.
fourth day: you can not eat except only cheese and orange juice.

Second diet
This diet  is similar to the previous diet: where you will lose four kilos in four days. But here you can put a menu based on the use of a single product. The following are some examples of mono diet for four days.
The first food List 
First day: rice
Second day :yogurt
Third day : Fish
fourth day: grapes

Celebrity diet

The second menu
First day:  rice
Second day : yogurt
Third day : shrimp (prawns)
fourth day: watermelon

Third menu
First day: rice
Second day :yogurt
Third day :eggs
fourth day: apples

Be careful not to follow this diet for a longer period. This diet does not contain a single essential for the proper functioning of the body’s functions and therefore foods may be harmful to your health. This diet is a quick diet to correct excessive eating. It is necessary to request the opinion of the doctor in the case of the continued increase in weight.

Celebrity diet

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