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1 . Buy a pair of high-quality hair scissors

It’s easy to run into your kitchen and grab the scissors you use everyday to open packages and make art projects, but those scissors really aren’t good for cutting hair, and they will actually do more harm than good. Instead, get yourself a pair of styling shears, like these from Tweezerman, which were made for cutting hair and work on both wet and dry hair.  You’ll need these scissors for all of the tutorials below so, if your planning on doing a DIY haircut, definitely pick up a pair.Ponytail holders.A small mirror to hold . A comb. a hair cutting cape .

2 . Which kind of haircut do I want

Before starting, look at yourself in the mirror and decide what kind of change are you looking for.

  • To decide on a style, browse celebrity pictures online; flip through hairstyle magazines (available in magazine racks at most drugstores and bookshops); play with your hair in the mirror to see what it looks like at different lengths; print out photos of yourself and sketch different hairstyles on to your face.
  • There are some phone apps and websites that will let you try on different hairstyles over a photograph of yourself.
  • It’s important not to be rash with your decision. If you decide that you want to go from very long to very short hair, give yourself at least a few days to think about it before you decide to do it. You may find that you’re just feeling unhappy, and once that passes, you might miss your long hair.
  • If you’re planning on making a significant change to your hairstyle, you might want to consult a professional to make sure that it goes exactly right. You can always trim your hair at home.

3 . Decide whether you want to dry or wet cut your hair

Many professionals recommend cutting your hair wet, as it is easier to manage and control,Some professionals also recommend cutting hair dry, as it allows you to see the effects of the cut right away and adjust for any quirks such as cowlicks or curls.If you cut your hair while it’s wet, cut it at least a few inches longer than you want it, as it will shrink up and look shorter once it is dry. (Some people have reported that their hair shrinks up to 4 inches from wet to dry.) . Dry cuts are more likely to produce uneven hair Cutting hair dry requires very sharp sheers. Cutting dry hair will dull the blade edge very quickly, which pushes ends instead of cutting them, leading to uneven lines.Most professionals cut the hair while it is wet and refine it once the hair is dry. Doing this will let you produce better looking results while giving you a chance to fix minor errors.

4 .Know your face shape

Have you noticed that some people have very bold haircuts who suit them amazingly, and others have haircuts that don’t compliment them, but you can’t exactly tell why that is? Most probably, it has to do with their face shape. The face of your shape (and, of course, your self-confidence) plays a major role in what looks good on you or not:

Oval shape: oval faces are very smooth, and can easily rock both short haircuts as well as longer.

Round shape: in general, short haircuts don’t compliment round faces, because they can give the appearance of a wide face. Long haircuts with some layers can, on the other hand, really suit that kind of shape. Stay away from shapeless long cuts though, who can accentuate that even more.

Square shape: in general people with this shape want to even out the shapes, by using haircuts that shift the focus away from the ‘corners’.

Rectangular shape: faces with this shape look better in haircuts that smoothen the length of the face.

Heart shape: the biggest challenge with this kind of shape is to find a haircut that brings balance and proportion. Bangs work very well here, as well as long haircuts.

5 . Start with clean, damp hair

This cut will give you heavier layers on the top of your hair. If you’ve recently washed your hair, you needn’t wash it again. You can simply wet it using a spray bottle and some fresh water.

6 . How to cut your own hair straight

Some lucky people look amazing with straight hair (oval shapes, we’re looking at you). Or maybe you just want to cut it straight because you can’t be bothered with keeping it neat all the time. Fair enough!

Comb your hair well, and do a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Pass the hands through your hair, and place a ponytail holder a few inches from the bottom, just above from where you want to cut.

Now, grab it and point it straight slightly towards the ceiling. Hold it well, and carefully start to cut. Give it a few sniffs as even as possible, slowly. Don’t try to cut it all at once!

Once you’re done, remove the ponytail holders and see the results!

7 . How to cut your own hair in layers

This hack to cut layered hair has never failed us and looks good on most face shapes too. Comb your hair very well and, after, put it in a ponytail. Comb it quickly again, and bring it all back to the front. Now, with your scissors, cut it straight, a few inches from the ends (trust us, this works). If you want the layers to be very accentuated, do a higher ponytail.

Again, this works best if you do several attempts at first so that you take your time and make sure you don’t cut too much at the same time.

The result: because of the ponytail, your hair will become naturally layered when you cut straight, resulting in a beautiful cut! This cannot fail, we promise you.

8 . How to cut bangs

Cutting bangs is easy but requires a firm hand and a lot of patience.

Start by wetting your bangs and combing them well. Make sure they are laying flat, with the help of some hairpins. Once they are, snip upwards in small chop-chop-chop movements. Snipping them upwards will make them slightly uneven, which is great for beginners. In this post we’ve written detailed instructions, make sure to check it out!

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