Latest fashion of Winter shoes and bags 2019

Latest fashion of Winter shoes and bags 2019

The bag and shoe are of the most important accessories to complement your look and your style, here we offer you the latest fashion world for the winter of 2016 for shoes and bags for you, to be you always renewed, elegant and radiant.

Winter shoes and bags 2019
Winter shoes and bags 2019

Winter shoes and bags 2019

Bags fashion:

It’s a vogue fashion with a small pouch «mini bag», which can not accommodate for a lot of purposes, You can now hold more than one bag together, but only with different lengths.

Of the most popular currently bags bag clutch bag with «color block» fashion such as bag of «fendi bacayo» new and decorated by bird paradise.

Of the bags that attracted the attention of fashion lovers, especially in the bag fashion weeks , which come on a form of a book, which is also available in several languages.

Backpack bag which emerged in the nineties and return to the fashion world strongly, and we find many of them at the global fashion houses such as Chanel and Prada.


Shoes fashion:

Ankle boots are spreading strongly the fashion of this winter in all its forms and colors, especially the printing with leather in bright colors, and crocodile leather such as «Marnie».

Winter shoes and bags 2019

It seems that it is essential to choose , to your closet this winter,  the  low-heeled shoe “block heels”  made famous by Bottega Veneta and other brands.

Also it emerged this fashion season , wearing woolen socks or regular socks with open shoes or summer, if there is no need to buy winter shoes and boots. With the emergence of this fashion , you can wear your summer favorite shoes in all seasons.

As we have seen on the global fashion shows the velvet or leather shoes Fashion , that decorated with fur, which dominated and overshadowed the all fashion collections and accessories for the winter 2016.

Winter shoes and bags 2019

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