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Low Carb Diet Pros & Cons to lose weight

Low Carb Diet Pros & Cons
Low Carb Diet Pros & Cons

Low Carb Diet Pros & Cons

Low-carbohydrate diets are one of the most popular diets because of their very effective results in the loss of body fat. This type of dieting depends on controlling the carbohydrates a person is eating in his diet, such as those found in grains, vegetables, fruits and many meals of Low carbohydrate foods. Although this type of diet may lead to weight loss, it may carry many risks. From here, we will present to you all you should know about the risks and side effects of low-carb diet.

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There are many risks that low-carb dieting may cause health, especially since the body prevented on the long-term of intake of dietary fiber that is present in pulses and grains, which hinders the digestive process, and misses the person the benefits offered by fiber such as the prevention of colon cancer.

Low Carb Diet Pros & Cons

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The decrease in the proportion of vitamins and chemicals that fight cancer and found in vegetables and fruits, may be one of the reasons caused by this diet, in addition to studies indicate that the consumption of meat links with high rates of cancer and heart disease, and there is no scientific evidence that the increase protein diet May protect against diabetes.
This is not to mention that this type of diet encourages the intake of animal sources of proteins and neglects its plant source, especially as this source of proteins does not contain the fats in animal proteins, and thus this type of diet can be one of the things that are a burden on Kidneys because they contain large amounts of proteins.

Low Carb Diet Pros & Cons

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