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Protecting & Maintaining your hair at night routine

 Avoid sleeping with your hair tied up

Sleeping with your hair up in a messy bun or high ponytail may seem harmless, but the tension from having your hair up for several hours can put a strain on your scalp and lead to eventual hair damage. We get that you want your hair away from your face while you’re asleep, so instead, ditch the tight updo and go with a loose classic three-strand braid, a fishtail braid , or even a Dutch braid  Having your hair in a braid overnight will save your ends from excessive breakage that occurs when your hair rubs against your pillow. Plus, there are many styling advantages that come with having your hair braided overnight so you can actually wake up with gorgeous, heatless wave.

 Dry your hair before calling it a night\

There are a lot of time-saving advantages that come with washing your hair at night. But keep in mind, hair is at its most vulnerable state when its wet, so it’s super important to dry your hair completely to prevent tugging and severe breakage while you sleep. If you prefer to wash your hair at night, we recommend giving yourself an extra hour or two to allow your hair to air dry or invest in a great hair dryer to avoid frizz. Don’t forget to apply a heat protectant treatment or primer to the ends to speed up blow drying time and combat damage.

Silk/Satin Pillows and Bonnets

Silk and satin bonnets and pillows are essential especially when you are natural. If you sleep without a bonnet on cotton pillows or sheets, this can wreak havoc on your hair over time.

Cotton pillowcases can remove moisture from your hair because cotton absorbs all your natural oils while you are asleep. Sleeping on a cotton pillow can cause frizz and breakage. Satin and silk pillowcases are smooth so your hair won’t get tangled while you are sleeping.

If you do not want to get a satin or silk pillowcase, you can always purchase bonnets as an alternative. You can even buy some bonnets infused with oils that will give your hair extra moisture.

Apply an overnight treatment

As hair lovers, we know how important it is to incorporate masks and treatments into our weekly hair care routines. But let’s face it, sometimes the 15 to 30-minute masks don’t cut it. Take advantage of the downtime while you sleep and apply a hair mask before bed, leaving it on as an intensive overnight treatment to repair and hydrate your hair. Depending on your hair type, we recommend doing this once or twice a month. Finding the right treatment for your hair can be a daunting task as there are various options available on the market. While you’re searching for the right one, you can never go wrong with masking your hair overnight with coconut oil.

Brush your hair before bed

There’s an old beauty myth that suggests you should brush your hair 100 times a day to promote shine and length. Although we haven’t tried to prove this myth to be true, brushing your hair gently from bottom to top with a paddle brush before bed will ensure you’ll go to bed tangle-free. If shine is what your heart desires, brush your hair with a boar bristle brush as this type of brush is known for its ability to evenly distribute natural oils from the scalp through the hair.The benefits of brushing your hair before bed is an ancient beauty habit that still holds true. Tend to your tangles in the evening to make any next-day styling a breeze. The highly rated Oribe Through Detangling Primer promises to prep your tresses for easy combing. Hello, knot-free mornings.

 Massage your scalp

As silly as this sounds, even as hair enthusiasts, we often ignore the health of our scalp. The strength, shine and length of hair starts with a healthy scalp. To give your scalp an extra dose of TLC, we recommend ending your nighttime beauty regime with a two-minute head or scalp massage. How? Leave your hair down and with your fingers, gently massage your roots as if you’re shampooing your hair—better yet, ask your S.O. to do it for you! Massaging your scalp regularly stimulates blood circulation. You know what they say: happy scalp, healthy hair.

Apply dry shampoo

As mentioned above, hair is at its most vulnerable state when it’s wet. Excessive shampooing can strip your hair of its natural oils, which can lead to dry and brittle ends. To clean and protect your hair without water and shampoo, apply dry shampoo onto your roots at night. By doing this, the dry shampoo will absorb the natural oils and sweat your hair and scalp produces while you’re asleep.


If your hair is feeling a little dry before bed, you want to moisturize. Moisturizing your hair might be in the form of adding oil or a  leave-in conditioner

You can also use a hair steamer. Steamers work by the hydrating dry hair through steam. The moist heat from the steam also promotes hair growth. The steam lifts your hair cuticles which allows products to penetrate your hair shaft for optimal moisture.

This process also helps to heal damaged hair!

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