Riches dreams meaning

A dream in which you are wealthy is pleasant without doubt. It is the one after which you don’t usually want to wake up and meet the reality. Such a dream can be interpreted very differently. It may turn into reality or make you regret about going to bed.

When one dreams about money in a dream it is often a sign of desiring more money, rather than actually attaining it, and often will denote a person who wants to achieve wealth but is too lazy or unable to attain it on their own.

Dreaming of riches will not increase your own funds and unless your dream indicated that you were wealthy enough and gave your money away (or some of it like in the form of charity) or that you were rewarded after working hard for your riches then it is usually a sign that your own efforts to attain your goals are lacking.

You and your family will be well-to-do. But it doesn’t mean that you must work head off. Even though you hold a serious and responsible position, you have to take care about the state of your health.

You should keep regular hours, run a medical examination regularly, lead an active life style, breathe as much as possible with fresh air and, of course, have a rest. Learn to put aside all business materials and let your brain relax. This abstracting will facilitate getting down to your business. However, some projects will seem rather risky, you’ll all the same come out victorious.

Consider how you are living beyond your own means, or what are you doing to safeguard what you already have. When you are dreaming that you are living the high life without any work or effort you should quickly start to question what areas of your waking world are at risk of loss.

Remember that for your safety and welfare you cannot trust anyone fully, especially in business circles. Here everybody defends only his/her interests. They stay your “friends” while it is a beneficial position for them. As soon as it is possible, they’ll necessarily make a try to get their claws into your achievements.

You just cannot be naïve in this sphere. If you don’t own a business, do your best to implement your work perfectly. Even one mistake can bring you down.

If you are wealthy in your dream but you do not flaunt your riches, then this is a great omen for your own social and emotional life. This is a dream that states that you are rich in spirit and that you have many people around you that love and appreciate you. Good luck will come your way and you will be fortunate in the near future.

You can always find a key even to the most difficult problem and person due to your patience and understanding. You are sure that each person is totally unique.

He/she has his/her own system of values, experience and world view. So, before starting to argue with him/her about something, you prefer to try to understand his/her point, to walk in his/her shoes. The ability to place yourself in somebody else’s position is a very important and valuable one.

Gaining riches through the lottery or from an inheritance in a dream is a sign of a significant loss in money through gambling or taking a risk. Now is not the time to be wanton with your money or take risks with your finances such as gambling or playing stocks even if it is a ‘sure thing’.


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