Ring dreams meaning

This dream might represent a commitment to a relationship. It may also symbolize some other commitments, such as commitment to a certain goal or desire.

Maybe they represent your commitment and loyalty towards your goals, beliefs and desires.

Dreams about a ring might also signify promises.

Such dreams often represent a desire for a committed relationship with someone. Maybe you desire someone to be in a committed relationship with you.

For this to be featured in your dream means that there is a commitment that is required by someone close to you. To dream of a large ring on your finger is associated with influences on your family, that will positively reflect upon you. A wedding ring indicates it is time to relax and enjoy time with others.

To measure your hand for a ring in your dream means other people’s advice needs to be listened to. vessel, losing people, and people drowning indicates your fear of the unknown.

To dream of a diamond ring (especially in connection with marriage) indicates that you are going to have a prize given to you, or an expensive gift.

If someone else was wearing the ring in the dream then you are likely to get unlucky in love. To dream of a rubber ring indicates that someone close to you is not being truly honest.

To dream of a gold ring is a symbol that greatness and wealth are coming your way. To loose a ring in your dream relates to the fact that you feel that you are loosing out on something.

Dreaming about a ring in general. If you dreamed about a ring without many other details, such a dream might symbolize some problems in your life, which seem to have no ending and cannot be solved.

This dream might also signify signs of affection and promises of devotion you might receive soon from someone who loves you and cares about you very much.

If your dream featured a napkin ring (found on a dining table) shows that people are going to support you in an argument, according to ancient dream dictionaries (pre-1920’s).

Seeing a circus ring in your dream reflects that you or someone close to you is unable to commit to a long term partner. A ring that is associated with the family in your dream, such as a heirloom indicates that you have a happy family life around you.

Dreaming about truing a ring on. If you were trying a ring in your dream, such a dream might signify a promise of commitment to someone. It might also indicate the start of a new romantic relationship.

Dreaming about trying someone’s ring on. If you were trying on someone’s ring in your dream, such a dream might indicate some dishonest or immoral activities in the near future.

Dreaming about not being able to find a ring that fits you. If you didn’t manage to find a ring for yourself in a dream, such a dream is maybe representing your relationship status. You are probably single and not romantically interested in anyone at the moment and this ring indicates that such a status will last a while.

Dreaming about receiving a ring as a gift. If you received a ring as a gift from someone in your dream, such a dream is a good sign, possibly indicating settling all problems and misunderstandings in your current relationship. This dream is a sign of your relationship going into a new phase of peace and emotional bliss.

To see a ring on a door knob (such as a knocker) may be a sign that you are denying yourself fun and it is time to start to think about what will make you happy? If you draw a ring shape in your dream this means that you have felt anxious over the last few weeks and it will take nerves of steel to overcome your current difficulties, but you have that in you.

The key message of this dream is to listen to others more. To toss a ring over a peg, or to play such games in your dream suggests that it is time to relax in life and look on the positive side of things. To hear a telephone ring in your dream means that you have a message from the spirit world and you are advised to meditate in order to understand the message. A loud ring such as a fire alarm or alarm clock in your dream means that you need to take care of yourself more. Take a spa day or treat yourself.

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