ruby dreams meaning

To dream of a ruby gemstone represents incorruptible negative intentions. It may also reflect negative situations that are intentionally permanent. You or someone else that is very motivated to do something bad or wrong. Cherishing a negative plan or idea.

Some say that rubies are a sign of spiritual enlightenment or the beginning of a long journey in your life as well because of the myths surrounding the jewel.

Wearing a ruby as part of jewelry is a sign of wealth and a good omen for finances. When you dream that you are wearing the jewelry that has a ruby in it you can expect positive recognition through work and this is an omen that you will have a lucky streak financially. This can be a good time to take a risk and depend on a positive reward.

Rubies in a dream are a positive sign indicating increased love and romance in one’s life as well as positive changes coming your way. Rubies are often used as a way to predict children or marriage as well and seeing a ruby in a dream is a good sign of both of these things.

When you dream of having many rubies this indicates a windfall of sorts coming your way. It is an exception sign when you are given a ruby from someone of the opposite gender – especially a person specifically that you are interested in being with or someone that fits into a specific archetype of someone that you would be interested in. It is also said that for a woman to receive a red ruby in a dream indicates the birth of a girl and a green ruby the birth of a boy and in general is a good sign for fertility and familial growth.

This is a dream about savings and sometimes can be a warning that you need to stockpile finances where you can but usually it is a sign of simply having the opportunity to save.

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