Salmon and Cod Burgers


1 x 250g pack Cod Fillets

1 x 240g pack Boneless Salmon Fillets

2 x sticks Celery – approx 100g

1 x tsp Paprika

1 x tsp Dried Parsley

1 x pack 4 Specially Selected Brioche Burger Buns

2 x large Vine Tomatoes

1 x small Little Gem Lettuce

100g Tartare Sauce

Sea salt and black pepper


Skin the salmon fillets.

Chop the salmon, cod and celery into small pieces.

Put into a food processor along with the paprika and parsley, season with some salt and black pepper and process till you have a fairly smooth mix.

Shape into four rounds patties, flatten with the back of your hand, put on a plate and cover with cling film and refrigerate for about an hour.

Slice the tomatoes.

Shred the lettuce.

Split the buns and BBQ the cut sides for a couple of minutes.

Divide the tartare sauce and spread over the base of the buns.

Divide the lettuce and tomatoes between the buns.

BBQ the burgers for about 3 to 4 minutes on each side.

Sandwich between the stuffed buns and serve.

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