selling dreams meaning

Selling، To dream of selling something to someone represents your attempt to convince or sell someone on an idea. It may also reflect your attempt to convince yourself of something. Considering making a change. Offering others ideas.

Dreaming of selling gold means theft. If you see yourself selling meat in the butchery then this is a sign of damaged reputation and contempt.

Selling velvet indicates that you are lazy and lacking hope, while selling corals is a sign of weakness. If you are trying to sell your house, this portends material and sentimental losses.

To dream of someone trying to sell something to you may reflect your attempt to convince yourself of an idea or possibility. It may also reflect a situation or person that is interesting you
in making a choice.

Seeing yourself selling medicines in a pharmacy suggests financial gains ahead, or basically a lot of money coming your way. If you sell narcotics, this symbolizes illicit affairs.

Selling a fan means that you have strength to work hard and get excellent results. If you sell fruit of any kind in a dream this foretells problems in your family.

Negatively, selling in a dream may reflect feelings of forceful convincing or pressuring someone to accept an idea. Manipulative attempts to convince or persuade others.

Alternatively, it may reflect feelings of being pressured into making a decision that you don’t want to make.

Selling cars or motorcycles is the sign that you will recover some money. If you sell barley, you will have some agitated meetings. Selling bread means that you will get involved into a large organization.


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