sex dreams meaning

Whether you believe it or not, there are many people who are convinced dreams are more important than commonly thought. For some, behind dreams there are untouched emotions, begging for attention.

If you get caught up in a sexual fantasy, know that those sex dreams have meaning, and it might be worth it to dig a little deeper to see what you’re feeling. Also, if it’s about someone you know, be cautious, as it could affect your relationship and make things super complicated.

You may need to put more effort into taking care of yourself or a relationship. I am here for you so you understand your dreams better and more importantly you can use your dreams in a positive way.

Yes, during my life many of my dreams have come true and nearly 5,000 of you have e-mailed me over the last ten years about your sex dreams. Yes, these dreams have uncovered our deepest secrets.

Now, as a psychic many of my dreams have come true which led me on the path of dream discovery. Why does Brad Pitt show up in our outrageous sex dreams? Did you know that a whopping 8% of our dreams involve sex according to dream research at the University of Montreal. This makes your dream of sex common. Yes, this sounds quite a lot of us having rather steamy dreams.

It’s hard to be totally honest with yourself, or to even just notice smaller, simple truths, when most of our daily lives are spent in the real world, with a mundane schedule that doesn’t leave much room for reflection. That’s where dreams come into play. When you’re alone in bed, your inner thoughts can break free.

If you have a sex dream, it could mean you’re looking for some external desires or answers to a current or potential relationship.

You might not always be the star; in fact, you mind find yourself dreaming of other people having sex, like a significant other, for instance. According to Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, a professional Dream Analyst and author of the book Dream On It: Unlock Your Dreams, Change Your Life, to Bustle over email, if you imagine your partner cheating, it could mean you’re insecure in your relationship and should communicate your issues.

What is the spiritual meaning of a dream of sex? Dreams that are sexual in nature, whether you have a dream of the penis, vagina, intercourse or orgasm show that you are exploring life in your own way.

Sex dreams are amazing to have. They can be so “vivid” that you actually believe you are having sex or reaching an orgasm in real life. Dreams of this power can have a lasting effect on the dreamer. Sex is not often associated to “real” sex in life. Sexual dreams are often about marriage or commitment in life.

To have sex with your own partner in a dream is connected to happiness in life. It is about emotional connection of two people. Having sex with someone famous can denote a feeling of being worried about how you perform in your job. It is connected to the internal feelings of being “needed” in life.

To have sex with a person of the same sex can be rather worrying in dreams. It is true to say that most people have sexual urges and these show in dreams. Your hormones can play a significant influence on your dreaming state. If you dream of sex on a regular basis, it is likely that these hormones are going to be the reason why you have the dream. If the dream is strange in any way, then it is important.

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