sparkle and luxury collection of brackets 2019

sparkle and luxury collection of brackets 2019



Each piece of jewelry has its special importance and also its beauty, but the Diamond bracelets adds a special sparkle to any look that you choose an extra glamorous and unmatched grandeur ! This season has been full of the most beautiful designs of bracelets made by the  ancient jewelry global houses.

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Global houses was inspired by designs from a variety of different ideas, where some of them returned to nature and the body of symbols on the most beautiful bracelets like wild animals, birds or flowers, others sank into the depths of the Sea inspired them forms such as sea star or seashells or even a reflection of the sun on the water, and some of them preferred geometric shapes and artistic decorations.

And in all cases it came amazing designs and works of a purist art like . We have seen the most beautiful  designs on the latest collections of all the global houses like .Tiffany & Co in the Blue Book collection. As the “Cartier” in the collection Panthere de Cartier, and also at Boucheron in Delilah collection, and the Bulgari  in the collection of Serpenti , and other jewelry houses.
For your Luxury evening events I advise you to adorn with a striking design of bracelets , especially if you’re wearing a dress without sleeves, to the added required  sparkle and luxury to your own views and to be most exclusive among your invitee.

brackets 2019

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