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The stylish and elegance bedrooms designs of 2019

The stylish and elegance bedrooms designs of 2019



Are you thinking of renewing your bedroom, in a consistent manner with the blockbuster fashion?
You can use the following ideas, derived from  global interior designers who stress on the importance of a combination of comfort and aesthetics and between luxury and simplicity in decorative bedroom 2016:

1. color:
It can be used the most prominent  colors on  decorated bedrooms 2016 to paint the walls or for the furniture pieces and “accessories”, including:
– Light green, with touches of orange.
– Pistachio green color, with touches of blue  (Gypsy).
– Purple, with touches of orange.
– Blue Water (Aqua Marine), with pink color (flamenco).
If you prefer quiet colors, you can resort to neutral colors as beige and white.

2. For pieces of furniture:
Fashion 2016 unfolds bedrooms, in the section of furniture, for:
– Blending between the modern and classical types, which show through the putting  a traditional chair back to the sixties plated on the wall, of one of the colors mentioned above.
– Choose the of light wood colors , oak is perhaps the most widely used in this area.
– Put the double bed in a prominent place in the room, showing its back with the wood.

3. for “accessories”:
– In favor of decorating the walls with mirrors, to give more space to the room.
– It is necessary to use curtains of transparent “voile” , especially if the strong colors are prevalent in the room.
– Can be used soft carpet piece on the floor.
– No mind to decorate the table, if any, with a  pot full of natural flowers, or hanging an attractive watch on one of the walls.

bedrooms designs

4. Lighting:
Still use the table lambs that are placed on either side of the bed in the bedroom fashionable, 2015. also advised, using the hidden lighting, if the ceiling is low.

 When using wallpaper, it is advisable choice planned vertically to give the high of the narrow room. 

bedrooms designs 2019

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