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Try the new Popcorn Diet to lose 4 kilos in a week

Try the new Popcorn Diet to lose 4 kilos in a week
For those looking for a diet to lose weight in a short period without the refrain from many of the favorite foods, we give you popcorn diet, which will you lose weight in less than a week.

Popcorn Diet
Popcorn Diet

Popcorn Diet

Benefits of popcorn on your diet, Popcorn has many benefits for human body as it:
Lubricate the intestines and help facilitate digestion and treatment of constipation.
secrete “Alsuotonin ” substance in the body which is responsible for the happiness and joy.
Prevent infection with many diseases, such as cardiovascular and vascular diseases. and reduce high blood cholesterol.

Popcorn contains vitamin «B», and «K», and «A», which works on the renewal of the internal cells of the body, especially the brain cells, it also strengthens the memory and raise the level of intelligence and concentration.
Popcorn is characterized as containing a high content of protein and phosphorus, and a lot of iron, compared with eggs and spinach.
it contain 300 milligrams of antioxidants, twice as the same amount of fruit or vegetables and protect the body from infection of serious diseases such as heart disease and cancer.


Taken into account to deal through this kind of diet with the home made  popcorn without adding any salt or oil.
Microwave oven can be used in the preparation of popcorn without oil, every two cups of popcorn, without oil, contain only 80 calories. the duration of this diet must not exceed for a week; that, in spite of its benefits, it does not contain all the necessary nutrients for the body.
You can resort to it if you want the lose number of kilos rapidly, and you can follow by an integrated nutrients a healthy diet after this week.

Popcorn Diet

About the method of application this diet,  Make sure to eat two servings to three servings of popcorn plus a bottle Diet 7up, and three cups of green tea to help your body get rid of three or four kilos in a week.

Popcorn Diet

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